One of the landmarks along Highway 94 is the Bamboo Inn in Dulzura.  The building and sign still stand but the business is closed and no one except the old timers know that it used to be a busy place in the community.  I had the pleasure of talking with Al Glover who lives in Dulzura.  His parents built and operated the Bamboo Inn for many years.  His father came from Indiana and his mother was born in California.  They came to San Diego and bought a small parcel of land in Dulzura for $50.00 in 1932.  They had been deceived since after fixing the house up they were told by the real owner it was his land, not theirs.

Fortunately, his father got a job at the Dulzura Store (the current Dulzura Café) and they moved there.   Mrs. Willets owned the store and needed help since her husband was sick. In 1936 they homesteaded another place in Dulzura where the Bamboo Inn is located.   His father built a store in 1937 (picture dated 1939) and eventually doubled the size for a restaurant and bar.   There were two front doors, one for the store and the other for the restaurant/bar.  The store was well stocked with canned goods and essentials.  At that time it was still a long trip to and from town.  The neighbors convinced them to get a beer license and start serving drinks and food so that is when they enlarged the building.   It was a very active place as they served food and drinks.  Square dances were held every Saturday night.  They also rented cabins and sold gasoline.  The first cabin was built for Mr. Dick Harris who was a civil engineer and he worked on the flume from Barrett to Otay.  Mr. Harris wanted a cabin built to his specifications.  He said he would pay for it.  He did not want windows to the south or east.  It was a one room cabin and built in 1948.  Other people wanted to rent cabins so they eventually built more cabins to rent.  The store was leased by Murphy’s (who lived at Murphy’s curve) and they ran it for awhile,  but it was eventually closed in 1967.

Al Glover remembers the old road to San Diego and how long it took to get to San Diego with all the curves.  He went into the Navy during the war and was gone for several years.  He retired in Dulzura.   This is another slice of  Highway 94 history.  This business was a result of  people being unable to travel into town easily.


Bamboo Inn  

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