Many of us forget Highway 94 goes east past our respective homes.  One stretch of road that is often forgotten is from Campo to old Highway 80.   It is traveled less as few people live on this stretch of  road.  If they live up near Tierra Del Sol, it is much faster and safer to take Highway 8 to their homes.  Many years ago this was not the case.

In 1964 bids were opened for the improvement of approximately one mile of State Highway 94, eight miles east of Campo in San Diego County.  C. W. McGrath Inc. of El Cajon was low-bidder quoting a price of $113,113.00 for this job.   This was near the Indian reservation and trestle.

Jacob Dekema, Asst. State Highway Engineer for the Calif. Division of Highways in San Diego, stated that the proposed project provides for the widening of this portion of Highway 94 on improved alignment and grade, and the construction of drainage facilities.  Little or no interruption to traffic was anticipated.

If you have driven this stretch of road recently it is plain to see most of the curves are severe and the only apparent changes are that the road may have been widened in places.  However, it is a smooth road (mostly) and has been resurfaced on a regular basis.  Trucks do not drive on this road if they can avoid it because of the dangerous sharp curves.

The picture was obtained from Caltrans files with only a date of 1954.  It depicts the narrow road at that time, but I do not know exactly where it was taken.  Originally it was thought to be near the trestle, but not sure.  Also it could be just west of Campo. 

The picture also shows how narrow Highway 94 was during those years and why we needed a wider and safer road.  Some very bad accidents have happened on some of the sharp curves.

In checking the records of Highway 94 Club (8) most requests for improvements on SR94 are between Jacumba Junction (SR54) to Campo.  This is where the majority of the people live.  


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