On July 25, 1963 bids were opened for the realignment of 0.8 mile of State Highway 94 in the vicinity of Campo.  This was the short stretch of highway  six-tenths of a mile west of Campo on Highway 94.   It goes up the hill from the Campo Trading Post to the west, then connects back with old Highway 94.   The old road was a narrow twisting road with the creek on one side and a wall of rock on the other side that went down past the old Campo Lake.  Around this lake there were camping spots and a nice restaurant.  There were even lots of fish in the lake.  It has since filled in with dirt.  You can still drive on this road, but, it is very narrow and dangerous for school busses and trucks.

Jacob Dekema, Asst. State Highway Engineer said the work was part of a continuing program to improve the roads in the State Highway System in this District.  As funds are become available the improvements would continue..

The job was let to Isbell Construction Co with George Kermott, Resident Engineer for State Division of Highways and   started in September 1963.  Cold weather hindered the oiling and black topping which necessitated a temporary shut down.  This did not interrupt the traffic during construction, however, since this was a completely new alignment.

The construction was completed ahead of schedule and the new road was officially opened on June 10, 1964.  This was a great improvement and made traveling in and out of Campo much safer as well as faster.  The picture shows the east end of the new  highway in front of the Campo Trading Post. (2)


Picture #38 - Road after construction  

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