In 1935, after the State took over, the Highway 94 Association (8) was established.  Two active members of that association were Herman Cramer of San Diego, part-owner of Cramer Bakeries (which sold out to Weber Bakeries), and Lloyd Becker, a San Diego bookbinder.  The Highway 94 Association disbanded in 1938.


In 1953 the Highway 94 Club was established, with Edward Leonard as President.  The Highway 94 Association still had money and this was turned over to the Highway 94 Club treasury ($146.20) - to be used to promote improvements of Highway 94.  The first board of directors set forth important guidelines to enhance driving safety for the traveling public.  They promoted improvements to SR 94 and the rural county roads.  They encouraged participation in the activities of local civic, community services and youth organizations.  This resolution is followed by today’s board members.  It is based upon a working relationship of mutual respect and cooperation between the board members and Caltrans staff.   The overriding concern of both organizations is to provide the greatest degree of highway safety for the traveling public.

Some very active members in the past were Charlotte Holcomb of Dulzura, Bill Avril of Barrett Café, Bob Owens and many others over the years.  Some of the past accomplishments of the Club, besides recommending  to Caltrans portions of the road that need improvement, is promoting convenient hours at the Tecate border crossing. In addition there has been reduction of wildfire hazards, interest in roadway anti-letter campaigns and elimination of illegal roadside dumps.  They have granted scholarships or helped deserving youngsters in CDF, 4-H, FFA, and East Co Junior Fair.

Highway 94 Club has worked for years to improve SR 94 for the residents.  As long time residents, we have seen the highway improve a curve at a time, or a short stretch of highway at a time.  Each time a curve is widened or straightened it improves the safety of the highway.  Unfortunately, Caltrans does not have the funds to do large sections at a time, but Highway 94 Club is continually asking for improvements for areas we think are most dangerous.

Our present concerns are: 

1.  Encouraging and backing Caltrans on the latest passing lane proposal for  safety and to handle existing traffic needs

2. The Highway 94 Scenic Highway Designation and it’s effects on the highway.

3..  Encouraging better Highway Patrol enforcement for anyone passing on double yellow lines, or other violations.

4.  Passing out information sheets on basic Calif. Highway laws to anyone from Mexico who may not know our highway regulations.

5.  Asked Caltrans to install signage that would enable CHP to enforce 38 foot, king pin to rear axle, length on trucks.

6.  Encourage Caltrans to install left turn lanes.

7.  Support the expansion of Tecate Port of Entry facility to inspect vehicles crossing the border.

8.  Requested Caltrans to put road signs on the highway in Spanish.

This is how Highway 94 Club is working for you.  At our meetings we always have an interesting  speaker regarding the road or local issues.  In the past we have had speakers  from the Board of Supervisors, Caltrans, SANDAG,  Border Patrol, Highway Patrol, Tax Collectors Office, Parks & Recreation, and animal interest groups..  It is a great way to get the latest updates on the  road and local issues.


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