I have been writing about the old Highway 94 history and I have been referring to this highway as Highway 94 to save confusion.  Actually it was known as Campo Road or County Route 200 during all those years.

On August 21, 1933, title to Route 200 was transferred by the county to the state, and the designation was changed officially to Highway 94.   Responsibilities for all future highway construction, maintenance and improvements were delegated to the California Dept of Transportation.  At this time state highways doubled when they took over a lot of the county roads.  When the State took over it was still a narrow dirt road with lots of curves and didn’t get paved until about 1935.     Caltrans (7) gave me a copy of the following document, please note routing:

WHEREAS, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF SAID Chapter 767, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 363 of the Political Code (Chapter 526 of the Statutes of 1933), the Dept of Public Works proposes, on August 21, 1933, to take over for maintenance, the following described county roads:

Old route 200  San Diego to Route 12 via Campo approximately 66 miles.  Description following “(That portion of routing for State highway secondary highway #200, through the City of San Diego to Lemon Grove is omitted from this resolution in order to permit further investigation and final decision as to choice between the Broadway routing and the Imperial Avenue routing)  Beginning at Lemon Grove at North Avenue, thence over North Avenue about 0.2 to Imperial Avenue thence via Imperial Avenue about 1.2 miles to Spring Valley Junction (junction new secondary route to LaMesa), thence easterly and southeasterly over the Campo road via Jamul, Dulzura, Cottonwood Grade and Potrero Grade about 42 miles to Campo, thence northerly about 1.5 miles to Humphries, thence easterly along Campo Creek about 12 miles to a junction with State Highway Route 12 at White Star about 10 miles west of Jacumba, a total distance of 66 miles more or less, of which approximately 7 miles lies within the corporate limits of San Diego." 


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